3 Reasons Why an Android Tablet Combined With a Web-based Back-end is the Answer to Time Tracking

Take a look at the modern business landscape, and you’ll quickly find that mobile devices are taking over. Tablets are extremely effective tools for helping to get things done throughout the workweek, and the fact that they’re dropping in price as each year passes means that even businesses with slim budgets can begin to make use of them. When it comes to tracking time, tablets are invaluable, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Indeed, there’s no better way to track time than to combine an android tablet with a web-based back-end. A tablet on its own can be effective, but combining it with a web-based back-end opens up a number of doors that simply don’t exist otherwise. Once you make the switch, the benefits become undeniably clear.

Here are three reasons why an android tablet combined with a web-based back-end is the answer to time tracking.

1. Tablets Make Things Faster and Easier

Anyone who uses a tablet on a daily basis knows that doing so can increase business productivity and make for a faster, more detail-oriented workweek. Many people carry tablets around the office with them throughout the day, which means they’re constantly available and always have access to a camera (crucial for accurate time tracking). If one of your main concerns with improving time tracking is to boost productivity, incorporating a tablet into the mix is the first place you should start.

2. The Back-end is Easier to Navigate if it is Web-based

People love Android tablets for one main reason — they’re simple and intuitive. The back-end of any time tracking software is going to be a bit more complex than the experience often associated with using tablets, however, requiring you to dig deeper and perform a number of different operations to ensure that everything is accurate. As you might expect, this is typically easier to do when you’ve got a mouse and keyboard in front of you. Navigating the back-end of your time tracking software is surely possible by utilizing only a tablet, but you’ll save time and energy by taking a combined approach.

3. Combining Devices and Multitasking is the Future

As technology becomes more and more entwined in the world of business, the need for a combined approach to practically all business processes is increasing. Smartphones and tablets are no doubt part of the future, and they’re not going to simply disappear. Laptops, though, can perform functions that mobile devices have yet to hit upon, and they’re going to be necessary for many years to come. The key here is learning how to combine these two very different types of devices, as the benefits of doing so are undeniable.

Streamlining the process of tracking time can do a lot of good for any business, and the sooner you can get started, the more likely it is you’ll see the benefits in short order. Take a combined approach (android + web-based back-end) Contact us today to learn more.